Saturday, March 25, 2006

What Year is This?

today I had a very 60s day. Not the temperature; the decade.
I got my hair cut like Mia Farrow.

My hair stands up a little more. Then I saw a cool vintage 60s jacket that was super cool and mod and looked like something Mia Farrow would wear. In fact, I know there's a picture of her wearing the exact jacket I saw, but I can't find it. Or a picture of anything like it. But it was super hip. And it cost $225, so I passed on that.
My haircutter is a weirdo, but he was listening to some cool 60s music... (Somebody) and the Fish...

THEN I bought some awesome glove / arm warmers that are black & white checkered. They are like gloves with no fingers and they reach past my elbow. Sweet. I'm going to start wearing them every day. I had to buy them because I saw them a few weeks ago and have been having dreams about them. Oh yes, they will be mine. And now they are.

So today I was in a very mod mood. A muy mod mood. That's freakin' hard to say. Now I have to dye my hair orangey-blonde so I complete my Mia look. Also, I'm going to wear dark(er) eye makeup every day.

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