Sunday, March 26, 2006

random rants

This is really just a post so that the tiger haiku gets moved down so you can see the pictures.

I submitted my application to Columbia. I made sure I spelled it right because I have a thing about spelling the university like the country. i don'tthink that will get me any brownie points.

What if I don't get in? I only want to take 1 stinkin class. What if they decide I'm not good enough to take even one class at an Ivy League school? Just because I'm from California and went to boring old UC Davis. There are no Ivy League schools in California. i could have gone to one out here if I'd wanted to, but i didn't feel like moving all the way across the country by myself.

But if I get a rejection letter from Columbia, I'm going to go on some sort of spree. It could be a killing spree. It could be a shopping spree, as in theory I will have about $2000 more dollars than if I did go to that expensive school. Of course, that's not money that i actually have right now. It's more money that I will potentially have if someone works for a law firm next summer. A sacrifice being made specifically so I can go back to school.

But dammit! I want to learn Latin! Why would they reject me? I am super at learning languages. Yo hablo espanol perfectamente. I taught myself a bit of Russian in high school. That went away because who am I going to speak Russian to in Fresno? I started learning Mandarin Chinese in college, and would have continued if there was some way of doing it without me killing the teacher. There was no way around this so I dropped the class. That was actually someone that wasn't worth going to jail over. She said I spoke Chinese with a Spanish accent, which I thought was hilarious and took as a compliment, but she meant it as an insult.

Anyway, I can and will learn Latin. And I'd better be doing it at Columbia. So if any of you Columbia admissions people are reading this, admit me to take one stupid class!


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