Thursday, March 09, 2006

AIDS walk - please donate

hey y'all
as a lot of you know already, i've been doing the AIDS walk san francisco for the last few years. for some reason, i can't quite make it out to SF this time.... so i'm doing the AIDS walk NY. the SF walk is in july, but the NY is in may. i just found this out today.

so why don't you donate some money? use this link for the NY walk:

or, if you are one of those crazy west coasters and are very picky about hometown charities, use this link to donate to my friend krista in SF:

both are good, and it's not a competition. heck, if you're feeling extra generous, donate to BOTH!

if you don't want to use a credit card, contact me directly for info on sending a check.
remember, charity = good.

thanks kids.

oh yeah, be sure to link to this and tell everyone you know!

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