Wednesday, March 15, 2006

80s guy

80s guy was on the train with me. he had a bright orange, wide, one-tailed skateboard, acid washed jeans, and an old metallica t-shirt. he may also have had the makings of a mullet, but i couldn't tell because he had a weird ear-warmer thing on his head.
he really looked cool. at least i think he thought he did. he wouldn't have even looked cool if this was 1987, which it isn't. i don't remember what shoes he had on, but they definitely weren't any that are the "cool retro kind" like the vans that the kids are buying nowadays. he wasn't cool enough to be part of a trend revival.
maybe that's what he thought he was doing; maybe he thought if enough people saw him in his cool 80s digs, then he everyone else would start doing it and he would be cool again. again? no. his clothes were by no means vintage revivals. nor were they original vintage. i think he has just been wearing the same clothes for 20 years. which is possible. i don't know how old he was. old enough to been able to have worn those clothes before. old enough to know better.

as a non-80s guy side note, i saw my arch nemesis again. not every second like the other day, but enough to confirm my belief that one of us is secretely stalking the other. it's a secret to me, whomever is doing it.

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